What do our Customers say?

Zachary J

25th March 2021

"Highly recommend Safwat Cars (and regularly do). I bought a Range Rover Sport a number of years ago from Sharif - frustratingly the following day, some knocking noises began. In most other instances this would be a situation that would go on to become a headache - not with Sharif! It was booked in and the repair paid for in advance, dealt with immediately and without stress. Since then I've recommend Safwat to 3 friends who have sold vehicles with Sharif (which I'm happy to see 2 have left glowing reviews below) and have not heard a bad word said. First class experience."

Fahim C

25th March 2021

"Mr Safwat and his team was very supportive and understanding. The company ensures customers satisfaction and smooth professional service. I bought Porsche Panamera today and which was delivered to me on time. I’ll recommend anyone with five star service. Thanks to Safwat cars and there’s team for the excellent service."

Mayu M

25th March 2021

"Everything was straightforward, Sharif was very helpful throughout the buying stage and more so with the after sales care. Responded to my queries promptly. I usually go main dealers but this experience had been much better than what I've experienced over the years.rnrnAs for the vehicle, the car was immaculate. To me it shows the high standards Sharif and his team have when it comes to their stock.rnrnThank you for this great experience during these difficult times with covid."

Neil L

23rd March 2021

"I was kept completely up to date by Safwat Cars at all times during the purchase of my car. "

Michael L

22nd March 2021

"From the first phone call, throughout the buying process and live video call Sharif conducted himself extremely professionally and honest about his business and the cars he has for sale.rnrnNormally speaking I'd go up and see the car for myself but COVID dictates that it isn't really the wisest decision to do that.rnSo I took a big leap of faith on my part to trust Sharif and his description of the car plus the live video call to have the car delivered and it'll be in the perceived condition.rnrnThe car arrived in superb condition and it shows Safwat Cars have very high prep standards, I've looked at several other examples including at main dealers, none were anywhere near as good.rnrnSharif has continued to offer after sales support which is refreshing to see as too often you are "forgotten" when the deal is done.rnrnI strongly recommend Safwat Cars and I hope that we can conduct business again in the future"

Howard W

4th March 2021

"Very efficient service. All aspects of the transaction was exactly as described and the car was excellent. I would highly recommend the dealership if you want a high end car. It is difficult to buy a car while Covid 19 is around and you need to be able to trust the dealer. They delivered the car exactly as you would want them to. "

Antony B

3rd March 2021

"Very easy click and collect transaction to buy the SL350. I am extremely pleased with the car, it is just what I was looking for, complete with a number of factory fitted extras. Car in good condition as described, and brought to house by transporter. Came complete with warranty and option to extend. All questions pre and post purchase dealt with promptly and pleasantly. I would recommend buyers to this company they obviously take pride in good value and good service. "

Desmond P

25th February 2021

"I have bought two cars from Safwat Cars and both my purchases were trouble free. My dealings With Sharif have been pleasurable and very professional. If you are looking for a dealer with knowledge and expertise. I would recommend Safwat Cars. Thank you "

Mark S

25th February 2021

"I will never ever want to buy a car from the guy again. The hassle from start to finish I brought a bmw M4 in grey (back up for sale stay away from it!) I took the car away after first couple hours asked for oil there was leaking turbos, didn’t want to get it fixed by bmw and blamed myself ( common fault ) finally got it fixed then blue smoke coming from the rear ended up costing me money finally got to give the car back and he hasn’t had paid to have it checked by bmw and put it up for sale again. My advice stay away he’s trying to sell a car knowing it’s faulty then tries pressuring you to go through the “gold warranty” that covers a mere £2000 no where near enough. People may have had good experiences in the past but Iv had a bad one and I can’t believe he’s still selling it broken."

Our Reply: "Thank you for your review. We are sincerely sorry that you had a bad experience and we completely understand your disappointment. We thoroughly check all our cars before they are sold but unfortunately sometimes problems don’t present themselves until the car is used on a regular basis. When that occurs we will always endeavour to resolve things as quickly as possible.

The car did indeed have an issue which ultimately ended up being the Turbo’s. These have now been replaced with brand new genuine BMW parts which come with a 2 year guarantee from the manufacturer.

The Turbo was initially mis-diagnosed by Fairfield BMW as a requiring an oil return pipe. The repair was carried out at BMW costing us just over £1000. As per your review, after this you reported that the car would still occasionally produce a cloud of smoke so the car went back to BMW twice more for investigation. Unfortunately on neither occasion were BMW able to fault the vehicle. Intermittent faults are always difficult to diagnose and if no faults are found there is no way of knowing what to fix. We understand that this was an extremely frustrating process for you.

We subsequently gave you the option of a full refund which you accepted. You financed the car with an independent broker and unbeknown to us they had added an additional £1500 admin fee to your loan. This resulted in you owing more than what you paid us for the car. We had no legal obligation whatsoever to cover this shortfall but as a gesture of goodwill and in light of the inconvenience that you had experienced we refunded you more than you paid for the car to cover this admin fee. You also demanded that we refund the remanning £50 of fuel that was left in the vehicle which we did to. We also made no deduction for the usage to cover the 2200 miles that you covered in the car during your ownership which again is something that we are legally entitled to do.

We completely understand why you have left us a 1 star review. Buying a new car, albeit 5 years old should be a pleasurable and hassle free experience. We are sorry that this wasn’t the case for you. However I have to add that that despite all our failures the verbal abuse, unreasonable demands and threats that you made to me and my colleagues were totally unacceptable. No person trying to do an honest job deserves that kind of abuse especially when they have gone out their way to help you. "

Rob C

18th February 2021

"I bought the car online due to COVID restrictions. Sharif made a very detailed video pointing out every detail including slight marks. The car was delivered on time and I was kept informed at all times. Communications were excellent and the car was magnificent. Whilst doing my first drive I found a button didn’t work! I contacted Sofwat cars and a replacement unit was sent directly from BMW 2 days later. Absolutely great after sales service. Never has buying a car been so easy and a pleasure to do business with I can’t recommend them highly enough. "