Gtechniq Platinum Protection

Total Surface Protection with 5 Year Guarantee
Choosing Platinum gives the car a nano-based ceramic shield which helps to maintain it's high-gloss showroom finish for years to come. Unlike other coatings, Platinum forms a chemical bond with a car's paintwork, so it becomes the functional surface of the car. The Platinum paint protection gives unrivalled UV and dirt repellency, keeps swirl marks at bay and makes all cars a dream to maintain.
GTechniq Platinum
Gtechniq Platinum offers a scientifically tested, nano-based system of protective treatment which outperforms anything else available.
  • Paint Protection
  • Glass Protection
  • Interior Protection
  • Wheel Protection
  • Comprehensive After Kit and 5 Year Guarantee
Gtechniq Care

Vehicle Detailing

Getting the car perfect before application makes all the difference. We highly recommend having your cars paintwork fully detailed before applying the Gtechnic Platinum Ceramic Protection. This ensures that the paintwork is in it's best possible condition before it is coated and protected from the elements. Our in house detailers are fully trained by Gtechnic and have a wealth of experince working on some of the most prestigous cars on the market so you can be sure that your car will be prepared to the highest standards.