Williams Ceramic Coat

Ceramic Coat is an extraordinary product designed to protect paintwork, alloys and bumpers from traffic pollutants, everyday weathering and bird lime. It even protects interior surfaces and fabrics and is guaranteed or 5 years.

A Gleaming Exterior


  • A cutting edge formulation developed by NASA.
  • An extremely durable, crystal clear finish.
  • Maintains or restores showroom condition.
  • Resists UV light, cold, frost, acid rain, exhaust fumes and solvents.
  • Saves you time, money and effort!

A Spotless Interior


  • Innovative interior protection system.
  • Outstanding protection for carpets, fabrics and leather.
  • Makes everyday spills, dirt and grime easier to remove.

Available on the car you buy or the car you already own!


Before the Ceramic Coat is applied it is essential that the paintwork is prepared correctly so as not to seal in any scratches or blemishes. To do this we employ the services of a professional detailer. We use a local company F1 Wax Ltd.

You can see their work by visiting their website click here to go to f1wax.com>>